odor neutralizing
scented reed refills

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Odor eliminating technology
Pet friendly
Light fragrance
Made in the USA
Oil & mess free!


Natural wood resin reeds are infused with an odor eliminating formula and subtle fragrance that is steadily released into the air leaving the air around you eco-friendly clean!

Alio Reeds can also be used in our signature vase or individually and placed in any area in need of odor neutralization and a hint of fragrance. Alio Oil-Free Reed Refill set includes: one set of 15 oil free diffuser reeds. Give your space a breath of fresh air!



I love these, no liquids means no mess! They smell fantastic and they are so convenient since you can put or take them anywhere!

Mechelle Heard | Berry, Al

I placed the Lavender Beeswax in my office and have found the scent to be relaxing and pleasant. Some room fresheners tend to be overpowering...not the Alio product.

Kevin Newquist | Naperville, IL

Such a simple smart product WITHOUT needing to buy or replace oils.

Mitch Orkis | Los Angeles, CA


The fragrance and odor neutralization formula both last between 30-45 days. We recommend flipping the reeds weekly for optimal diffusion.