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scented pouch

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Odor eliminating technology
Pet friendly
Light fragrance
Made in the USA
Oil & mess free!


100% natural cotton pouches filled with odor eliminating freshener beads remove unwanted odors. Use in drawers, linen closets, shoes, gym bags...any place that needs a little refreshing! Give your space a breath of fresh air.



Love the scented pouch! Have the cedar & teak in my gym bag and it smells great. Can't beat a well-designed product at a really good price.

Nate Bruzdzinski | New York, NY

Keep the diffuser on my desk and the pouch in my bag — smells great all day long without being overbearing. Very clean and simple to use!

Michael Wasilewski | Brooklyn, NY

The pouches make the perfect sachet for drawers. They get rid of that musty drawer smell and keep our clothes smelling fresh. The best part, they are natural & organic!

Denise Young | Tree Hugger Wife & Mom


Yes, the pouch is safe to use around children and pets when used as directed. The wood resin beads are made from all-natural wood resin, and our fragrances are nontoxic.
The fragrance and odor neutralization formula both last between 30-45 days.