odor-neutralizing hang-its

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odor-neutralizing hang-its

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Odor eliminating technology
Pet friendly
Light fragrance
Made in the USA
Oil & mess free!


Continuous odor control for up to 45 days. Perfect for hanging in small spaces like closets, showers and even door knobs. Give your space a breath of fresh air!



My reed diffuser lives in my office where the cedar and teak fragrance helps me stay focused and calm, even during my most challenging days.

Jennifer Kirson Gelman| Livingston, NJ

I love the sleek design and that I can leave it in my bathroom knowing it will neutralize orders nonstop, unlike candles and sprays. It's great to find a great product made in the USA!

Cathy Lynn | Chicago, IL

The modern vase looks great in my living room. I love the fact you do not have to worry about spilling the oil. I love it!

Bethany | Malibu, CA


The Alio diffuser is designed for all spaces; however, the scent is more concentrated in small areas. The alio reed diffuser works best in smaller areas such as powder rooms, office spaces, kitchen counters & pet areas. For larger areas, we recommend using additional alio diffusers.
Alio reeds have a fixed fragrance level; however, the level of fragrance can be modified by adjusting the number of reeds that you use. For example, if you desire a stronger fragrance than 10 reeds, adding 5 reeds would increase the fragrance. We recommend flipping the reeds weekly for optimal diffusion.
Yes, the product is safe to use around children and pets when used as directed. The wood resin beads are made from all-natural wood resin, and our fragrances are nontoxic.
The fragrance and odor neutralization formula both last between 30-45 days. The lifespan of alio products We recommend flipping the reeds weekly for optimal diffusion.
Some of the reeds will transfer their scent when handled. However, the reeds will not leave any residue on hands or surfaces as they are oil-free. Washing your hands with soap and water will remove the fragrance.